Oh, TV is TV…

…and it just keeps on coming. Las Vegas keeps showing that it’s not just a fictional show, it’s set in a fictional version of Vegas, on a fictional version of Earth. And yet, I’ll keep watching this slick trash. Besides, other things are in reruns.

So I thought I’d use this space to follow up a note ni Neil Gaiman’s blog regarding to listening to music while writing. In it, Neil addresses someone’s teacher’s claim that one cannot listen to music while writing. Neil correctly points out that it ain’t true for everyone. I listen to music while I’m writing. When I’m writing my computer books, I can have almost anything on. When writing fiction, I need to have music that isn’t going to distract or surprise me, so it has to be familiar stuff. This is the time to put on Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours or Buffy: The Musical. It’s no time for new music.

And sometimes, when I want to get into a groove, to get a lot of writing done and keep a certain mood, I’ll put one track on repeat. I remember a short story I wrote for the TSR comic book R.I.P.; through the complete writing of it I left Elvis Costello’s “Beyond Belief” on repeat. I later calculated it had played over 300 times during the writing of that piece.

Sometimes, I’m glad I’m me and not my next door neighbor.

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