The Tracy Morgan Show

Generic Home Sitcom #27. Goofy dad, played by Tracy Morgan, whose long Saturday Night Live tenure left me believing that he could be quite funny within a very limited range, a range that this part doesn’t quite settle into. Thin but busty, kind, loving, caring, long-suffering, genteel mom, played by, well, it doesn’t really matter, as she’s nothing but a platform for Tracy to bounce off of. Goofy gang at work, including the black guy who is always trying to work an angle or scam. Work is spent talking about being black people in funny ways. Two kids with silly things to say. The standout of the show is actually the younger boy, a seven year old fireplug with good delivery of the audacious… but all in all, you’ve seen this before, you’ve seen it done better than this and still didn’t watch.

No goofy neighbors yet, but just you wait!

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