'tis the season for reruns

The last couple weeks before Christmas are rife with reruns. Part of that is due to coming right after November, a "sweeps" month when ratings are carefully tracked and excessively valued for obsolete reasons, making it vital that shows have the most possible audience attraction — no reruns, and tons of stunts. And there is also the thought that people are paying less attention to the TV, what with holiday shopping to do and holiday trips to take.

Seems to me, however, that a great opportunity is being overlooked. Yes, fewer people are watching shows, but the value of those viewers to advertisers must be particularly high. After all, it is the purchasing season.

Things to catch: the second season of the British version of Faking It is running on BBC America, and it continues to be a fine show. Odd thing is that as the series continues, it seems to be less and less about being fake, and more and more about being the real thing to a limited extent. The punk rocker who “faked” being a conductor really was conducting, although he could only conduct the one piece. The emergency phone operator who became a TV director really did become a TV director — she may have faked having the background, but in the four weeks she spent, she became a genuine director, if not a vastly accomplished one. This show is astounding and I consider it quite up-lifting. Our pal Krystal stopped by and watched one the other day, and one of her first questions was "what do they win if they succeed?" The answer, to the best of my knowledge, is nothing, which is really what makes it different from the so-called reality shows on the networks. This isn’t about being deceptive for a prize, this is about accomplishing something, and its clear that the fakers truly vest themselves in it.

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