Yeah, I nailed it

Stacked = Cheers, only with the male proprietor being the bookish one and the blonde female just-broken-up new employee being the one with the lusty, full-life attitude.

They’ve even got the other woman, the short one with curly dark hair who gives people their drinks…

Not as good as the first episode of Cheers mind you, but not horrid either. Given the producer, I don’t have faith that it will get better. But hey, when Lost is a repeat and with Smallville weakening this season, it’s TV!

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  1. I too found Stacked surprisingly enjoyable—and also surprisingly in the traditional sitcommy vein considering it’s FOX. I couldn’t help but wonder though about what appeared to be a real in-use fireplace in a bookstore. Speaking of such things, was there any mention of where it was set?—I didn’t get the impression of a cold climate (I assumed L.A. or thereabouts since people came in not wearing coats). I liked the little book chapter blurbs introducing each act—found that a little different, but maybe it just appeals to the reader in me. Was also surprised to see Christopher Lloyd in it as I hadn’t paid any attention to the promos. Since Lost was a rerun last night (and in my pain/drug induced haze I did’t know that ahead of time) I checked out Stacked in real time. While I don’t find Pamela Anderson to be all that sexy, I do think that she has a general way of not taking herself too seriously that works for her. (Was not a fan of V.I.P.—I’ve been trying since last night to remember that title and it just came to me—but it did have a certain tongue-in-cheeky style if you go for that sort of thing.)

    “Given the producer, I don’t have faith that it will get better.” (If it just maintains the level of the pilot, I’d be reasonably satisfied.)

    Created by / Exec Producer: Steven Levitan (of Just Shoot Me which I never cared for myself?)
    Exec Producer: Jeffrey Richman
    Co-Exec Producer: Heide Perlman (of Cheers—surprise, surprise!—and I don’t mean Rhea.)
    Co-Exec Producer: Stephen Lloyd (and relation to Christopher?)
    Co-Producer: Chris Harris
    Producer: Pamela Anderson
    Produced by: Kevin C. Slattery

    I just went back and checked the various producer credits to get the above list. I’m assuming that your comment refers specifically to Pamela herself (who is in fact the only one specifically credited as just “Producer” without a “Co- / Exec- / Co-Exec-” prefix or “-d by” suffix). But at least there are a couple other fairly impressive names involved.

  2. I was thinking of Levitan, who has done a number of series of late that never built up steam. Just Shoot Me was watchable, but that was largely and specifically due to Wendy Malick bringing far more to a role than it called for, bless her.
    Off the top of my head, I’m not sure they said where it was set. The only location item that comes quickly to mind was that Christopher Lloyd’s character was retired from CalTech, which increases the odds of this being in the Los Angeles area, but hardly makes it definite.
    Oh, and if you didn’t see the promos and thus didn’t know that Lloyd was in it, then you also didn’t know that Tom Everett Scott (star of That Thing You Do — a movie which I think you’d like, Rich) was in it. Of course, he’s not in it… but he was in the early promos, before there was a creative split and he went elsewhere.

  3. Re That Thing You Do I vaguely recall a movie of that title. Didn’t it have something to do with a pop music band or something?

    I see the site’s reverted to the old format, but the comments are now viewable. Just checking it out. Also trying to see if I can italicize the movie title like you did. Just experimenting.

  4. OK, I see the italicizing worked. So I’ll assume some other simple formatting stuff will also work like bold type, underlining, and maybe links. Not gonna worry about it too much now, but I’ll keep it in mind for future mind-numbing comments.

    Oh, meant to say also that there are probably many movies I’d like, but these days I have far less available time to go see’em, so I have to try to make time for only those movies I feel I absolutely gotta see (Hitchhiker’s Guide is probably the next one). And being without cable it takes forever for them to get to plain old network TV in which case I’m probably watching regular shows anyway. So if I don’t see a movie in the theaters when it’s out, chances are I probably won’t see it for a long time. That wasn’t the case when TTYD was in theaters, but I just never ended up catching it for some reason. If I see it pop up on regular TV anytime soon, I may tape.

    Don’t think I’d have recognized Scott if I had seen the promos–not a name I’m familiar with from anything. And wasn’t Tom Hanks the “star” of TTYD? If so, that’s about as much as I recall about it.

  5. Hanks directed and wrote (I think co-wrote, but I’d have to check) That Thing You Do, and he had a supporting role. You’re remembering the right movie (about a one-hit band named “The 1ders”); you might remember some coverage about how much the star looked like a young Hanks (circa Bossom Buddies).

    If you have a shortage of movies in your life, I could mail you a big box of loaners on VHS, I reckon. But if your life is full enough.

    And yes, HTML works here. I did revert to the old design simply because I hadn’t monkeyed with the file, but I took the time to unmonkey with the other files, so now they’re back.

  6. “If you have a shortage of movies in your life, I could mail you a big box of loaners on VHS, I reckon. But if your life is full enough.”

    Thanks, I appreciate the offer, but I’ll have to pass anyway. The problem isn’t so much a shortage of movies as too much of other stuff what with family/house responsibilities, regular TV, web surfing (which once I start a session almost always expands to fill idle time and beyond), and a little occasional reading. So if you could figure out a way to send me about 5 more hours in a day, that’d be great!

    Now I realize that when it comes to responsibilities and such I’m sure I have it easier than most, so I don’t mean to sound like I’m whining, but when it comes to Those Things I Do they still eat up the time and movies just fall by the wayside. Especially true of movies and anything else on DVD because “well, I’ll look at it later,” but later never seems to arrive. I do manage to get to regular TV shows I tape only because I know there’s another episode coming up next week, so there’s an inherent shelf life on prior taped episodes.

    I got Firefly and The Tick on DVD for Xmas, but am waiting for summer rerun season to view them during some dead TV nights.

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