Veronica Mars! Veronica Mars!

Veronica Mars has been picked up for a second season! Woo-hooooooooo!

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  1. Great news! I’ve been anxiously waiting to hear her fate.

    I kind of suspected that it would get picked up if only because the show seems (by my perception) to have garnered considerable critical acclaim—and not just from us. Every time I see a 3rd party mention of the show it’s with praise.

    Of course, with UPN cancelling their current flagship Trek franchise show, I couldn’t be sure of anything, but I figured that might even help Veronica. I would think that VM is exactly the kind of fresh quality show they’d want to keep around to build a whole other rep away from just the usual Trekker crowd (which apparently wasn’t hanging around for Enterprise anyway). And besides, they gotta put something on the air, don’t they? Besides, how could anyone cancel such a cute face? 🙂

    OK, this comment is officially 5x longer than the post, so the moderator is giving me the “neck chop” signal….

  2. Oooh, I see “smilie/emoticon” translations work too. Now I’m gonna have to bone up on what translates to what….

  3. Today’s Inquirer ran a zap2it piece announcing the renewal of VM. But what I didn’t know was that UPN will “…broadcast repeats during the summer to seek new viewers before its second season begins in the fall.” I wasn’t sure they’d do that even if they renewed the show, but I think it’s a good idea. Tell all your friends!

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