Joan of Arcadia, frequently a source of dubious moral values, has now officially degenerated into a shambles. The recent episodes are part of some random G-d vs Devil thing, with an unimpressively-played devil with at best an awkward presentation of what the conflict is. This series always failed on questioning the following of G-d (much less the real question of what G-d means).

But what made this week’s installment really cringeworthy was a science discussion which was not just a mangling of science or a bad science-based metaphor, but just randomly used scientific terms in a discussion as if it were some invented religion for a TV show that didn’t have to mean anything. If you didn’t see it… well, let’s say that the “electromagnetic spectrum” has at its center “things we can see”, and then at one of its ends “things we can’t see, but we can measure, like atoms” (and the things we can see are what, exactly? Not matter?) and at the other end is “everything else, like dimensions”.

No reason for it. Serves no real point. But even if they have to endorse religiosity to serve their concept, they don’t have to do such harm to the reality of science.

We’ll see if I can bring myself to watch any more.

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