Reunion reunion

On the list of telemovies I did not expect to exist: an :: ABC Family prequel to the theatrical film Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion.

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Not so much bad as kinda pointless

Checked out The Bad Girl’s Guide this week, about three modern (well, not actually modern modern; feels more like a 1980s-1990s version of “modern” in regards to sexual enthusiasm and the like. Not that I’m against sexual enthusiasm, mind you!) gals living together and seeking pleasure. The show has its own rhythm, an aggressive bounce which is nice in its own way. However, the audaciousness that this is built around wasn’t all that impressive or funny, the things that are supposed to be taboo are taboo only by TV standards, not by real life standards (hey! Creative people smoking the dope when seeking inspiration! What baaaaad girls they are!), and Jenny McCarthy, whom I’ve not paid close attention to in anything else, comes off a bit bland.

It’s a reasonable attempt, and it may be for some folks, but it ain’t for me.

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Ol' Buffy folk

A lot of coverage of the network upfronts doesn’t include cast lists, so I thought I’d point out that David “Angel” Boreanaz is on the new drama Bones, while Alyson “Willow” Hannigan is on the comedy How I Met Your Mother. And for you Karen Sisco fans, Carla Gugino (recently seen in Sin City… and when I say “seen”, I mean parts of her you ain’t gonna see on broadcast TV) lands herself the alien invasion series Threshold.

And as long as we’re talking about where the Buffyfolk are, I should note that Seth Green was on last nights Will & Grace (if not very well used), and if Harry “the Mayor” Groener has a recurring role as a tempermental chef on the less-than-the-sum-of-its-parts series Las Vegas.

Cancelled series actor most likely to become a regular (but not announced as one) on some series next year? Joan of Arcadia‘s Jason Ritter.

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As the old season closes and the next one beckons

Various notes arising from the season finales now running and the next season announcements now coming out:

Both Blind Justice and Eyes are canceled (only the latter is a loss). So I guess that’s a bad run for ABC crime shows with titles centered around vision.

Joan of Arcadia is gone, which I’m fine with. It may not have gotten to say everything that it could say as a series… but it probably got to say everything that it was likely to say.

Minor spoiler warning for the most recent Lost: I’m betting that next week’s season finale ends with that bottle washing up on the beach.

While I’m quite happy about the announcement of another season for Arrested Development and Veronica Mars, the only new show announcement that gets me excited at this point is Jason Lee’s new sitcom, with a bit of hope held out for Chris Rock’s. Then again, if you’d given me the same level of detail about a Jason Bateman sitcom and a drama about a teen girl detective as I have about most shows now, I wouldn’t have been excited about them either.

CBS ought to be ashamed for paying self-professed medium James van Praagh money in order to be permitted to spread his lies. Yes. the TV show Medium is a hit. Does that mean that we have to underwrite everyone who lies to the weak and troubled for their own profit? What’s next, a series on being a mass-murderer based on a treatment by Charles Manson?

The ReplayTV didn’t know that Gilmore Girls was gonna run a minute over. I had to do some online searching to find out who proposed to whom at the end!

House, M.D. actually messed with its formula for the first time this week. Relatively well done, as well.

I don’t particularly welcome the revival of Family Guy itself; the very first episode turned me off of that series. Still, the thought that DVDs can drive a revival is interesting (although much easier for an animated show where you don’t need to retrieve the sets and are less likely having problems getting the actors back again.)

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Impressive development, and other notes

In an announcement both somewhat unexpected and somewhat early (and more than somewhat welcome!), Fox has announced a third season for Arrested Development. (Although combined with the news that they are renewing The Bernie Mac Show, there is the suspicion that this is not a case of standing by good programming so much as them facing a slate of lackluster pilots and choosing to go with the devils they know.)

In other notes:

  • Stacked continues to be watchable, though well short of wonderful. Life with Fran continues merely to be well short of wonderful.
  • Joey closed out the season on exactly the bear that one would have predicted from the pilot, in a romantic development that doesn’t work, that tries to layer a level of seriousness that doesn’t fit the character, but simply tries to fill a default generic sitcom romance formula that doesn’t fit the pre-existing character the series was built around. This show could stand some serious rework, and perhaps even switch more of the focus to his work situation rather than his home situation.
  • Summertime’s here, and I suspect the network programmers will allow me plenty of time to watch the DVDs of the first seasons of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Bob Newhart Show, both recently received as birthday presents.
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Parents from Neptune

I’m keeping the Spoiler Alert warning up so that I can continue to discuss Veronica Mars.

I just want to note that Neptune is not a place for healthy full-parent situations:

  • Veronica: abandoned by mother (again)
  • Weevil: Being raised by his grandmother, apparently. I don’t recall if we’ve heard anything about his parents
  • Wallace: Single mom
  • Duncan: Father under arrest, likely to serve time
  • Logan: Mother dead (I’ll add a “presumed” for you conspiracy theorists). Father arrested and likely to serve time (although not, I should note, for the murder of Lilly Kane; they should have him cold on assault, arson, B&E, and statuatory rape — California age of consent is 18, a mark I don’t think Lilly had reached — but all we got from him in regards to Lilly last night was motive, and that doesn’t constitute proof beyond a reasonable doubt).

Of course, you can add to that a season of people being raised by the wrong parents, abandoned by parents they believe to be dead, and so forth.

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Just watched the season finale of Veronica Mars.

I’m not sure any hour of fiction series television has ever been so relentlessly intense.

Spoiler warning: Hey, they actually did tie up all the mystery bits. They left some personal threads very much in swing, but (unless we think Mrs. Echols didn’t really jump off that bridge) we know who killed Lily, we have an understanding of why the Kanes were leaning on Mommy Mars, and so forth.

But it wasn’t just about that. It wasn’t just about the plot. It was about the emotions. About the girl who was always in control losing that control. About relief, and disappointment, all played out rapidly.

So we know who killed Lily. We know who Veronica’s real father is. And we know that all is not happiness. But let’s keep track of the things we have real questions about:

  • Who was at the door at the end? Logan? Duncan? Backup? Someone else?
  • What, if anything, did Weevil and friends do to Logan?

But then there are the “are these supposed to be questions still?” questions:

  • Is Mrs. Echols really dead?
  • Did Logan know about the video equipment?
  • Where is the note that Logan left for Lily? Perhaps that’s what’s really in the pen? (Yeah, if you haven’t watched the show, all these sound like odd questions.)

I want to see the answers… not because I need the answers, but because I want to see more of this smart stuff. Now that Logan is without available parents, wealthy but alone. Now that Veronica has given everything again, whether she chose to or not, for her mother. Now that her dad has publicly redeemed himself. Now that… now that all doesn’t matter. Just more Veronica Mars… even if it is over four months away.

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I’m talking briefly about developments in the latest Veronica Mars, so I suppose that I should post a spoiler alert (and yes, I really just wanted to test my new pulsing background color effect).

In this episode (which felt crammed with a mite too much plot, as if it had been intended as two episodes and one of those an awkward one built around the annual Rashamon party) it is established that Veronica, despite her assumptions and her year long darkness, was not a target of someone’s sexual attack. With all the badness going on, she was drugged accidentally and had sex consensually. This puts an odd kink in the VM chemistry, because suddenly she’s not a victim of the upper-classoids finding her own method of revenge. Will she be cleansed? Happy? No, can’t get happy. Even once the murder is solved, Lily will still be dead. Even with the parents back together (if they are), life has still taken a real drop. But this obviously wasn’t accidental; perhaps they felt that if their lading her with so many new darknesses, then needed her to shed this one.

Meanwhile: Duncan hasn’t taken his meds in a while. That’s got to be important.

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