Busy lovin'

Love, Inc. is a sitcom built around an agency that supplies assistance and wingwomen for thse seeking romance. Of course, the women who work at this agency all have problems with their own relationships. The lovely Holly Robinson-Peete (of 21 Jump Street and several sitcoms since) is the head of the group, and her marriage is dissolving. There’s a latina who is annoyingly desperate for any US citizen to marry to get her green card (because it’s soooo hard for a pretty woman to find a guy willing to play house for a couple years). And Busy Philips shows a very different color than she did in Freaks and Geeks, playing the woman who can expertly set up a relationship for anyone but herself.

This has some blatant “generic workplace sitcom” elements…. the supporting folks whose quirks are supposed to be funny but are just limiting and annoying. It does have some usabe structure to it. Much of this will ride on the quality of the cast. Holly is pretty much a straight gal here, and she can do that smoothly, so that leaves Busy as the real swing for it.

And I have a hard time judging her right off. I was so fascinated in watching the way that this did and did not reflect her earlier work that I never settled into it and just watched her as a character. My instinct is that this series will largely be generic filler, fitting in more with things like Eve and Cuts that follow it rather than the more unique stylings of its lead in, Everybody Hates Chris.

And I don’t need generic on my schedule.

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