At least they didn't call it "Unbearable"

Combinations and permutations. That’s what a lot of serial fiction is about. A comedy with romantic themes will eventually pair up any pair of characters that make at least minimal sense (as the Saturday Night Live parody Friends ad for the Ross/Monica coupling pointed out). Court dramas tend to have a few elements that make up all the cases, mix and mach. The broader the topic, the larger the set of elements that can be mixed before they start repeating themselves.

Inconceivable is a drama set in a fertility clinic. Sperm donors, surrogates, stored egg and sperm, complex couples… any competent writer could quickly make a list of complexities that can arise (implanting the incorrect egg or fertilizing with the wrong sperm, surrogate carrying wrong kid, surrogate wants to keep the baby, sperm donor wants involvement, woman carries triplets but wants to abort two, father dies before birth, giving birth will kill mother, yadda yadda yadda.) Running through a couple of these a week, however, there are only so many they can go through before being thematically repetitive. And a lot of these are things that much of the audience will be sensitive to. People are sensitive when babies are at risk. I suspect that this show will be uninteresting to the youngest set and too painful to many in the older sets to be a big success.

And the pilot was not that compelling. Characters had convenient stupidity (often about their own emotions) to drive their stories forward. Alfre Woodard shows up in the cast, but she’ll only be there through episode 2. Unsuprising, since she was established on Desperate Housewives at the end of last season, and that’s far more likely to see it through to the end of he season than this lackluster show is.

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