Love Monkey, take two

Love Monkey is the new happy series starring Tom Cavanaugh.

You remember Tom. He starred in that series Ed. He was the guy who, in the first episode, ended his romantic relationship and lost his job, and set to rebuilding his life.

In the first episode of Love Monkey, Tom ends his romantic relationship, loses his job, and sets to rebuilding his life. This time, though, he doesn’t need to rescue his soul. It doesn’t really seem to have been at risk. Tom is an A&R guy, finding new talent for the recording industry. Importantly, he’s spun as a good guy A&R guy (which is not, I am told, the default), quite knowledgable and caring about the music and the acts he’s discovering. He’s also a man who is getting to the point where he wants to find The Woman, rather than Tonight’s Woman. And he has friends who support him and egg him on in various directions.

This, of course, is all jus structure, and nothing about it is particularly unique. Doesn’t matter. It’s done well, and that’s what counts. The folks we see are folks you want to spend time with. There’s some default patterns fallen into (the married member of the group who lives vicariously through the single folks, the gal who says she doesn’t want marriage but because she’s a certain age it’s a lie) but there are other things that aren’t default which work. There’s the congenial supportive relationship between Tom and his sister, not built around trading insults. There’s Tom having a gal pal who isn’t, at least of this episode, just the obvious setup as The One He’s Really Supposed To Be With Only They Never Both Realize At The Same Time.

This may end up being too devoid of conflict to be interesting, but for now, I like being with these folks. I shall see more. Check it out yourself.

(Oh, this should all be more insightful. But I am a tired boy.)

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