It are what it are.

What is it?

More precisely, what is “it”, lower-case, in block letters?

Well, normally “it” is whatever you’re buying on eBay. But if “it” is italicized, then it’s what might be in you, when the folks at Gatorade inquire. For some reason, two simultaneous ad campaigns focus on similar physical representations of this two-letter word.

Perhaps they should settle this via a big game of tag.

TV confuses me.

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  1. Ain’t this entry title badly grammared? 🙂

  2. Off-topic post here, but nowhere else to put it and I just felt like commenting on something…

    I see that author Peter David in this blog entry is commenting on the current Gov’t vs. Google case.

    I also know Jay Leno made mention of it in his monologue tonight, but I wasn’t paying close enough attention to say what the joke was—something about if the gov’t is going after folks for using Google to search for porn then we’re all going to jail!

    My stupid comment on the matter is that I never realized it until just now that of course people use Google to search for porn—isn’t that why it’s named “Go Ogle?” 🙂

    It’s similar to the reason why I’d rather not use UPS for my shipping needs. I prefer not to use a company whose name can be pronounced “Oops.” 🙂

    Sorry, guess I’m just in a goofy spelling/grammatical mood tonight/this morning. I also seem to be fond/enamored of slashes at the moment. 🙂

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