Who I am, part 2

More about the unfascinating topic which is me.

  • I can’t swim, and while I’m no longer as afraid of dogs as I used to, I’m still not comfortable with them.
  • I love watching an old film and discovering Thelma Ritter is in it.
  • I don’t get to the movie theater much any more, but I used to see a fair number of films. I was far from seeing eerything, but I had a pretty good track record of seeing movies that weren’t noticed at the time but became hits after they left the theater. A Christmas Story, saw it, because I was a fan of the source material. Office Space — I remember seeing that then heading to work and telling folks “there weren’t many people there, but this is going to become big. It’ll spread by word of mouth.” I thought it would happen while the film was still in the theater, but at least I was proven right eventually.
  • I also saw some of the more renowned flops on the big screen. Yes, I was part of the miniscule grosses for Howard the Duck and Ishtar… and found worthwhile moments in both.
  • I believe that we should get rid of the penny. Seriously. It’s so small in value that the costs of dealing with it are far higher than any loss of a bargain caused by eliminating it. The last time we eliminated our smallest value coin was in 1857, when we got rid of the half cent. Allowing for inflation, that would be the same as eliminating the dime today. So maybe it’s time we stop dividing things down into chunks so small as to be valueless, kill the penny, and hey, maybe the nickel as well. Go down to single decimal-point pricing.
  • Speaking of which: oil companies? Yes, we get it, you want your gas to look a penny cheaper than it is, because the other person’s gas looks a penny cheaper than it is. We’re smarter than that. We know that the price difference between $2.47-and-nine-tenths and $2.48 isn’t enough on a fill-up for us to drive the extra two blocks to the other gas station. But it’s hard being the first to raise that tenth of a penny? Promote it. I promise to get a righteous fill-up at the first gas station that has a big sign out front that says “AND NO TENTHS!”
  • When I want to impress people with my smartness credentials, I tell them that I got my BA at age 18. When I want hide my light under a bushel, I say that I never actually graduated high school, but I have a GED dated about a year and a half after I left high school. Both are true. But don’t be impressed by the BA; really, at age 40, I am no longer a child prodigy.
  • I exude something which leads people to believe that I am competent for whatever situation I’m facing. This would be handy if I wanted to get away with trying things that I’m not actually equipped to do. Instead, it’s just aggrevating; the best I can do is live up to expectations.
  • Which is not to say that I don’t fall victim to misplaced belief in myself. I think I’m a capable actor… until I see myself filmed or mentally review some of the acting choices I’ve made.
  • I have the ability to tell which longshot horse will be in the lead of the race at the halfway point, as I was reminded yesterday when I visited the racetrack for the first time in five years or so. Unfortunately, they do not let you bet on the halfway point. (I swear, it was as though one horse I bet on suddenly realized he’d left his wallet at the starting gate and went back to get it.)
  • I don’t really believe that pie will save the world, but hey, it couldn’t hurt to try.
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