Book 'em, Daniel

Well, The Book of Daniel has been pulled from the network schedule. It’s not a great loss; there were some good quirky elements, but it added up to silliness that wasn’t that much fun. The only downside is that the professional anti-culture forces will pretend this is their victory, as though their campaign brought about the series cancellation (guess what? Most mid-season series get cancelled fairly quickly. Book of Daniel outlast Emily’s Reasons Why Not by hundreds of percent.) There are folks who make their living feigning outrage and then organizing folks to complain and, while they’re at it, send in money. From time to time, they like to claim a victory to show their effectiveness. Some of the same folks are probably taking credit for getting NYPD Blue (another series that they protested before a single episode was aired) yanked after lasting barely more than a decade…

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  1. Today’s Life magazine insert in the paper features Heather Graham on the cover. The article inside is titled “Heather Graham’s boogie nights (and 27 other ways TV’s new darling makes her weekends great).”

    “TV’s new darling?” Guess Life didn’t get the memo…


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