Oscar, noscar

So I’m checking out the list of Oscar nominees, and I see

  • Art Direction: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  • Cinematography: Batman Begins
  • Makeup: Star Wars Episode III

…and that’s it for movies I’ve seen. Really. Three films, one nomination apiece, none of them in the sexiest categories.

It’s not the fault of the movies. I’d certainly like to see Crash, Syriana, Good Night and Good Luck, Transamerica (and to show that it’s not just downbeat dramas I want to see, throw in Wallace & Gromit, King Kong, March of the Penguins as further examples). It’s just that the reality of Life With Little Miss Nat’s TV means that it is hard to get away to the movies without her, and hard to view movies with her in an uninterupted fashion, whether at the theater or on DVD. Dramas lose their momentum when you’re pausing every minute and a half to read The Monster At The End Of This Book to a demanding audience. So even as things end up on our Netflix list, many of them get constantly pushed down the list in favor of TV DVDs (since TV is designed to have interuptions.)

So since I don’t care about the names of people’s agents, not that interested in what they wear (oh, that American Express dress from a few years back was pretty cool), and as little as I generally care about who wins I can’t even claim to have an opinion this year. Oh, the ReplayTV will still be recording it this year, but that’s because it’s exactly the thing that needs to be ReplayTVed – so I can watch the Jon Stewart host bits, maybe the songs, and skip the rest.

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  1. But the real question is… Did you see more movies (or performances) that received Oscar nods than any that received Razzie nods?

    I feel certain that you must have been standing in line for the earliest local showing of Deuce Bigelow: European Gigolo! Right? 🙂

    For a little more concise (though not necessarily complete Razzies listing see…
    Reuters on Razzies
    Razzies on comingsoon.net

  2. To answer your question: I saw the same number of movies mentioned in the Razzie noms, all in the acting categories. I saw Batman Begins (Katie Holmes, supporting actress); Star Wars Episode III (Hayden Christiansen, supporting actor), and Fantastic Four (Jessica Alba, actress.)

    But honestly, I don’t invest myself in the snarkiness of stuff like the Razzies. There are plenty of horrible things in the world; I don’t see the point in celebrating the unimportant weaknesses like a poorly cast actress. I’ll put this up with, oh, the efforts of Joan and Melissa Rivers. Not for m.

  3. Well, to be perfectly honest, I pretty much agree with your view of things like the Razzies. I was just tweakin’ ya… 🙂

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