The Danish cartoon situation

As someone in the cartoon arts, I should be putting forth my opinion on the international hoohah over the cartoons of Mohammed.

But really, it doesn’t matter.

The folks who are rioting, who are burning things, who are demanding that the government take action… they have no concern for free speech, no care for the rule of law. They’re sure not going to list to some blogger tell them that, while they are well within any reasonable rights to be offended by cartoons abot their religion, the nations of the world should not and will not give up their governments to distant folks who expect us all to follow the precepts of their religion.

If reasonable moslems want to have a discussion about the proper line between showing respect and making them somehow immune to comment, that is a reasonable discussion to have… but it’s not one that’s likely to happen when the conversation is being driven by hooligans.

(And no, I won’t let off the hook the American radical Christian cleric who is suggesting that it’s possible that the right reaction to a film with inappropriate Jesus casting is firebombing the homes of those involved. Probably not, he says, but that merely suggests maybe so, as he points to biblical passages to note that such people should be accursed.)

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  1. I couldn’t help but laugh when I came across this CNN headline…

    Bush urges end to cartoon violence

    I just get a mental image of the prez saying, “But I was talking about the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote!” 🙂

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