Small SNL in joke

I’m watching last night’s SNL, and there’s a scene in which host Steve Martin goes to Lorne Michaels demanding more money. If you look carefully, he’s in smoking jacket with the number 5 on it… a jacket he wore during a surprise appearance on Tom Hanks fifth appearance on the show, when Tom was inducted into the Five Timer club. (Repertedly, the appearance was a surprise even to Hanks, who had gone into the broadcast not knowing the Steve would be in the sketch.)

This was about 15 years back. Nice to see that little extra nugget for the long-time fans.

Meanwhile, Prince is the musical guest, and they did a Prince-oriented sketch… and unlike most of the times when they do something like that regarding a guest on the show, the real Prince did not make an appearance. Then again, I told Mrs. Nat’s TV earlier that I would be surprised if Prince made a sketch appearance; he never struck me as someone who has that sort of a sense of humor about himself, an opinion verified by folks I know who have had dealings with him.

(But for those who like the small appearances on SNL, this episode also has appearances by Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Fallon, and in a filmed bit, Scarlett Johansson and Conan O’Brien.)

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  1. Off topic post re Surface here…

    Last night NBC ran the season ending episode of Surface and I just watched it today on tape. It remains to be seen if it’s the series finale or not. I generally like the show, the overall story, the pace, the characters, the whole “look and feel” of it. But I think it falls down somewhat in the little details. For instance I think a natural disaster of that magnitude (trying to keep it vague to avoid spoilers) would have done more damage than what is shown based upon real world examples we’ve had.

    However, probably one of the biggest gaffes I’ve seen in any show EVER was something else in last night’s episode… Laura and Rich take over the car that Miles and Kaitlyn are in and then as they’re driving off Laura notices Nim in the back as well. She’s startled and Rich wants to get rid of it while Miles says Nim’s OK and won’t hurt them.

    The gaffe?… Laura recognizes Nim as one of the creatures she’s been tracking and learning about in adult form SPECIFICALLY because (as she states) “It’s got six feet.” SIX FEET!

    (Just an aside: I usually watch fictional scripted shows with closed captioning on—which admittedly is not always perfect—and it clearly showed that that’s what Laura was supposedly saying at that point. I use the closed captioning because sometimes characters mumble or talk fast and the captioning helps me avoid having to backtrack too often when I might otherwise have a “Whud he say?” moment.)

    The problem with Laura’s statement is that whenever Nim has been on screen, and specifically in the car scene at the time, he only has FOUR feet (plus the tail). A little later the car runs out of gas and they have to run for it, including Nim who again can clearly be seen to have only FOUR feet.

    Now, I can’t remember the sight of the adult creatures when they’ve been shown and I don’t recall if they were shown with four or six feet, but I would think they’d match Nim. I doubt they develop extra limbs later in adulthood. And besides, Laura is clearly looking right at Nim when she makes her present tense declaration that he has six feet. (She doesn’t say, “Wow, he looks just like the adult creatures except he DOESN’T have six feet.”)

    Anyone else see the episode and notice this? Or am I hallucinating again?

    Oh, something else also seemed remarkably goofy (Sorry, can’t avoid a MINOR SPOILER BELOW)…

    A little earlier Rich is locked in his “cell/cage” at Iderdex and Laura breaks into the mostly-abandoned-by-that-time facility to try to get him out. She reaches the security room which has all sorts of monitors showing camera feeds and computer data. She quickly finds the “unlock” mechanism, recognizes it as needing a “biometric key,” and then rips a sensor off the console (though still wired to it at least) and holds it up to one of the computer monitors showing a pic of a worker to get his retina scan, which is then accepted and Rich’s cell (presumably others also) unlocks.

    I would think that in order for a biometric sensor to work properly it would require an actual biomass presence to scan, not pixels on a computer screen—unless these newer LCD or plasma screens are a lot more sophisticated than I realize. And actually I think it was a regular CRT screen when they showed it up close as Laura held the scanner up to it, but I could be wrong.)

    Not that I’m an expert on such things as retina scans or “biometric keys” in general—I’m willing to accept the premise if anyone can convince me it’s not goofy, but it just doesn’t seem right in a “common sense” kind of way to me.

    (Here goes on the re-post attempt. Wish me luck.)

  2. Well, TV always plays silly games with video-resolution images being indistinguishable from the real thing; on Las Vegas, they are constantly doing retinal scans and the like using distant security cameras.

    And Nim has six legs! That’s right – he has his two rear legs, and in the front are his forelegs!


    Get it? “Forelegs” sounds like “four legs”.

    No, I mean it! Read it out loud!

    (This joke has been close captioned, in case I mumbled.)

  3. Fore/four-legs… Of course. Now why didn’t I think of that? 🙂

    Thanks for the cleanup on aisle 2—removing the first poorly formatted version of the post. I didn’t like to re-post, especially when it was soooo off topic from your original entry, but I messed up the first one so badly I just felt I had to try again.

    And as long as I’m posting yet again, I’ll just throw in another minor miscellaneous TV-related note here…

    Re Night Stalker: Unaired Stalker Eps Hit iTunes

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