Barry Manilow is #1

Billboard is reporting that the top-selling album for the week is the new Manilow covers album. And why shouldn’t it be? Manilow does solid work. About the worst that he can be accused of is being commercial, but he’s honestly commercial, he’s spent decades doing the sort of music he likes which is quite craftsmanlike pop with charm. (And I’ll confess, my favorite of his stuff isn’t just commercial, it’s commercials; one of his albums had a nice medley of his commercial jingles, things that were running through people’s minds for years without realizing they were Manilow.)

Now personally, I sated myself on Barry years ago, but it wasn’t his fault. It all has to do with a young lass (when I was an even younger guy) and an afternoon of intense snuggling when neither of us could bring ourself to get out of bed and change the record on the player until the same side had played about a dozen times. And hey, if it wasn’t for Barry, that otherwise nice afternoon might not have gotten rolling in the first place!

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