Waiter, there's a hare in my swap!

In an odd trade, NBC gets a sportscaster and Disney gets an animated bunny. Most of the coverage seems to focus on the oddness of the swap, but for me, the interesting thing is the strategy. There are few companies more history-and-legacy aware than Disney (talk to someone who has researched in their archives sometime and you’ll come to understand just how obsessive those archives are) and few more focused on property rights. If the rights to the Disney-created Oswald The Rabbit had been easily available, I assume they would have been grabbed up long ago.
This feels to me like a situation where Disney was biding their time… if they went around asking for Oswald, they would’ve seemed too eager and the price for this historically-important but not currently particularly money-generating character may have gone way up. But hang back, wait until some other deal is happening, and ask for it to be thrown in the way you might buy a dozen comics at a yard sale to hide your excitement over one of them being Superman 1, and you get a yard sale price.

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