Mid-season launch update

So, for the new batch of shows:

  • Courting Alex has not improved. That’s enough of it for me.
  • I was still ReplayTVing Four Kings for some reason, watching it eventually. Then I finally got around to pressing “play” on the Feb 2 episode. At the very start of the episode, they give away the surprise twist in a successful film… yes, one from several years ago, but there are still millions of people out there who will discover it for the first time. I hate that as a gag even when it comes in a work I like (such as Snoopy revealing what Rosebud was, or Frasier reeling off movie twists on Cheers.) At that point, I pressed the Stop button, chose Delete, and gave up on the show.
  • I realized that the reason I’m sticking with Crumbs can be summed up in two words: Jane Curtin. Other folks in the show are fulfilling their roles in this still-awkward work, but Jane makes her somewhat crazy, nonetheless smart character come alive.
  • That leaves the winner of the mid-season launches: Love Monkey. It doesn’t stray far from the obvious yet (five minutes in, you can tell how the story will end), but it dances the dance in charming fashion, the performances are strong and the production looks good. I like spending my time with these folks.
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  1. And Love Monkey was put on hiatus. Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

  2. Alas, checking the news, I see you’re right. Simple “hiatus” wouldn’t bother me; with February sweeps upon us, it’s common to remove from the schedule shows that have not yet found their legs, and put them back on afterward. However, that they made no statement of if’n’when it returns… that’s a bad sign.

    And the dropping ratings on this show means that it isn’t just that people were unwilling to try a show called Love Monkey. So my play to change it to Fear Monkey and have Tom eat a different type of bug every episode? Wouldn’t help.

  3. I see that there were five more episodes made, and I expect we’ll see that eventually.

    I may get myself a copy of the novel on which the show was based, just to see how much of the show’s charm originates from there.

  4. Curtin is the show’s highlight for me, too, though I’m finding Savage’s performance to be pretty good as well (he plays off of Curtin best). Devane and the older brother aren’t really clicking for me, though.

    Then again, I have enjoyed watching Jane Curtin read a phone book. Literally. So, it would take a lot to get me to dislike a show of hers.

  5. It is kind of like Devane and the brother are in some other, cheesier sitcom. Which I think speaks to the problems with the show – it hasn’t quite figured out which show it is. The recovering-from-the-crazy-house mom and the dead brother undertones are at a different point on the comedy spectrum than the “happy ending massage” and “put food down my pants” gags, and they two ranges are meshing poorly.

    But yes, Savage makes a good straight man (if you’ll forgive the term) for Curtin, and I also think the scenes with Savage and the gal pal have a good bounce to them.

    (I had a special liking for seeing Martin Mull as a guy who plays Benjamin Franklin, but that’s just because I’ve played Franklin on TV as well.)

  6. Hm, you’re spot-on with that comment about the show having two personalities. It’s frustrating that the show doesn’t wholly click, but it’s still pretty enjoyable for me.

    It’s always good to see Martin Mull make a guest appearance, it was also cool to see Rider Strong who I remember from Boy Meets World (where he co-starred with Fred Savage’s brother, IIRC).

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