Coming to a good end.

This article on internal dissent on the path of this year’s Gilmore Girls includes some reflection that the series might end this year due in part to the creators having said what they had to say and being wearied by the effort (although they also say that the structure of the show could support a much longer run.)
Apparently, the creator of Arrested Development has been voicing similar reactions, and if the show is not picked up by Showtime it may be because of his lack of desire to do more.
Now, this is a reaction that I understand; I’ve been asked at various times about continuing my comic book miniseries The Factor, and (in addition to the fact that it was never particularly financially successful) my main reaction is that I really said what I had to say… I could keep making up further stories for it, but the work is not lacking for them. And in the case of Arrested, the same could be said. We don’t need several more years of Tobias saying things that sound far more homoerotic than he intends. We don’t need more of Oscar passing for George. They brought the series to a reasonable conclusion. Financially, there’s much to be said for a series running forever, but artistically, it can be a mixed bag. There is already far more Arrested Development than there is of most “hit” British sitcoms (more than four times as many episodes as Fawlty Towers, for example.)
If it has said what it has to say, if its long-term life is on DVD because there’s not enough episodes for a good syndication package, so be it.

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