Things are quiet

Not much TV talk lately… it’s the Olympic doldrums.

Y’see, I dislike the Olympics. Not as in “don’t like, don’t enjoy” them, I mean I actively dislike them. It may sound odd coming from the guy who a couple weeks back was talking about how the Super Bowl pulls the nation together, but I think the Olympics have the opposite effect. It’s not the world coming together. It’s the world going against each other. The advertising is all “cheer on your country”. We’re supposed to support certain athletes because they’re from around here (“around here” being relative, of course; some of the Canadian athletes are from nearer by than the American ones.) It’s nation against nation, and before anyone says that it’s a non-violent distraction that leads away from war and politics, I think the history is the opposite. The Berlin games were all about the Nazis trying to demoralize the world with their superiority (making Jesse Owens one of two sports figures I recognize as a hero). The Munich games. The Cold War Olympic boycotts. And so forth. If you want to bring the world together in athletic competition, then stop with the national “teams”, stop with playing the anthem, and let’s just see people run.

And of course they’re the big gorilla on the TV schedule now, knocking away the entire NBC schedule and sending most of the competition into reruns since there’s little point throwing a new episode of a mid-range series against the athletic juggernaut.

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  1. Amen on the Sn-Olympics.

    Plus… Maybe it’s just me, but I get so tired of personality profiles and inspirational stories. Just show the #&^%* sports already! If they’d do that, there’d be some sports I’d watch, mainly the timed events, meaning mostly the standard skiing, bobsledding, and the like, but also including hockey since technically it IS a timed event. I don’t like the judged competitions because there’s too much room for controversy (and I thought that before the figure skating judging scandal of a while back BTW).

    The one exception to my dislike of judged events is the ski-jumping competitions. I’m always amazed just by the fact that someone will do that! I don’t care about the judging or who wins, I just like to see’em take off and land way down the mountain.

    Oh, and I’d much prefer it if they could turn back the clock and make the Olympics for the true amateurs once again (and enforce it for all nations) instead of letting all the pros play. That really takes away from the spirit of the games in my opinion.

    Re NBC’s coverage… I tuned in on one of the early nights and they were just starting a piece comparing figure skating and the judging scandal to an ongoing soap opera. So naturally they had to show a clip of an NBC daytime drama! I quickly turned it off at that point as I could tell the piece was gonna go on a while.

    But the capper is that around 1:30 a.m. later that same night I flipped the TV on just to see if they had any sort of coverage through the nighttime hours and as I turned it on it was almost exactly at the same point starting the same soap opera feature! What are the odds? I pretty much decided then and there… “Why bother?”

    I taped Veronica Mars last week and went to watch it later only to discover it was a rerun. VM had already been off for a long time prior to and through the late December holiday season, then came back for a couple weeks and now it’s in reruns again for another couple weeks yet if TitanTV is accurate. Sheesh.

  2. Film marketing in the modern age?…

    Monarch Owns Up To Hoax

    …not sure how I feel about the tactic.

    Also, this could be interesting…

    ABC Orders Masters Of SF

    “ABC has given a green light to the SF anthology TV series Masters of Science Fiction, which will present works of well-known authors such as Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimov, Variety reported.”

    “IDT Entertainment and Industry Entertainment, which produced the 13-episode anthology Masters of Horror for Showtime, are behind the science fiction version as well. ABC has ordered four episodes, but IDT and Industry plan to go ahead and produce at least six episodes and as many as 13.”

    Sounds like they’re gonna focus on lesser known short stories, so there’s no shortage of source material.

    Being on Showtime I never saw (or even heard of that I can remember) the Masters of Horror version, but that probably wouldn’t be my thing as much as an SF-focused one.

  3. R.I.P. Don Knotts

  4. And R.I.P. Darren McGavin

    Among the noted roles…

    “He starred alongside Don Knotts, who died Friday night, in the 1976 family comedy No Deposit, No Return.”

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