Unconvincing Conviction

The TV screen loves Doug E. Doug. We saw that with whatver-that-sitting-on-the-stoop sitcom he was on before it disappeared and he hooked up with Bill Cosby. He showed that same lovably goofy charm when he was with Bill Cosby. And he showed in on the pilot of Conviction, a new District Attorney drama set in the Law & Order universe.
That’s the good news.
The bad news is that Doug E. Doug is only on the pilot. He’s not a lawyer. He’s a defendant.
Other than that, it’s about a bunch of young lawyers with love, with errors, with problems and quirks. There are a couple cute moments that work, but they are utterly overwhelmed by attempts at cute moments that fall flat and ugly, and attempts at serious moments that fall flat and dull.
People are comparing this to a David E. Kelley piece, but it’s like looking at the photocopy of a textured item. It doesn’t even try to get the depth of fun of Kelley’s more fun attempts, doesn’t ahve the courtroom intrigue that The Practice brought, and, well, that doesn’t leave much.
But I’ll admit that I’m not a Law & Order watcher. I cannot tell if it would be to the taste of that audience.

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