Extreme Makeover: Human Capability

Last night’s premiere of Miracle Workers was basically what you’d expect from a throw-the-top-doctors-at-peoples-medical-problems show. People have real problems, they want to get cured, their friends and family want them to get cured, and by the application of the latest and most expensive techniques, they get cured. It doesn’t have the advantage of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition where you’re looking for the silly luciousness of the resulting house. On the first episode, there is a person with back pain and at the end, surprise, they get – no back pain. And at there’s a person who has been blind for the past 22 years, and at the end, surprise, they can see. They take you through whatever emotional play they can.

And there’s reason to worry about the upshot of the series; they pick and choose the solvable cases, and may lead people to believe beyond reasonability in what medicine can do. And while it’s funding the cures of people who might not otherwise have funding, it may not be adding to the total number of cures, since it’s simply tying up a doctor who would likely have been working on someone else.

But really, there’s only so much you can complain about a show that helps a man see his wife of seventeen years and his three kids for the first time. At its very base, it’s doing good, and may be inspiring the great doctors of the future. And even in its worst possible interpretation, it’s far better than the ethically-depraved sponsorship and endorsement of psychic fraudsters of Medium, its direct competition.

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  1. well said. if you think they are taking easy cases, they have a father and son having brain surgery.

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