Good news/bad news

Good news: bunches of episdes (although far from complete runs) of about 30 TV shows are available online, free’n’legal from AOL here.

Bad news: Windows only, no Mac support… and while I have a PC, it’s not what I can get comfy with on the couch.

Series on the list that you should consider checking out if you hadn’t before:

  • Adventures of Brisco County Jr. – a lighthearted SF western starring Bruce Campbell. It has structural integrity. Fun stuff.
  • Babylon 5 – perhaps overrated by those who confuse foreshadowing with depth, but still a watchable SF serial.
  • Lois and Clark – the Superman concept is rich and can work well when viewed from various angles. This take, looking at it from a light romance angle, is watchale, at least while series creator Deborah Joy Levine is on board.
  • Maverick – Fun sly western, at least during the seasons that had James Garner (but not just the episodes which focused on Garner – the brother character is fine as well.) The Rockford Files tried to do for private eyes what this did for the western, so if you like that, try this.
  • Scarecrow & Mrs. King – average person gets herself involved in espionage. Been a long time since I’ve seen one (it was rerunning on PAX for a while, but PAX and I, well, we weren’t friends) so it may not hold up, but in its nature it appeals to the Mrs. Pollifax fan in me.
  • Spenser for Hire – well done series that mostly captures the Robert Parker private eye books. (The lead – Robert Urich, star of nigh everything – is a bit off from the original, but Avery Brooks as Hawk is right on.)
  • The Fugitive – actually not recommend. This is the recent remake; the original series is the real stuff. Ripped off for the Incredible Hulk TV series, Cliff Noted for the Harrison Ford movie, but these are tight little dramas built around two guys who are on the move – the innocent convict, seeking his wife’s real killer, and the lieutenant who needs to bring him down. Two good men destroying each other’s lives… and yet, the convict manages to save many others along the way. The reake lacked the magic.
  • Wonder Woman – Oh, I don’t remember if this was any good. But Lynda Carter sure was purty. Still is.
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