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The kids, you see, they like the drinking, and the knocking of the boots. And since the advertisers love the kids, we gotta take what they like and put it in a TV show. Not quality. Drinking and girls willing to knock boots. So if we put that in a TV show, rather than bothering with that quality stuff, the kids’ll eat it up like Shasta McNasty!

Okay, maybe that’s not fair. I missed the pilot of The Loop, caught the second episode, and it was clearly not a -cheap- production. It was a one camera show with good visual texture, with Phillip Baker Hall adding the illusion of class to it. But you don’t have to be a cheap show to be a mix of cheap attempts at humor and other thigns that seem merely masquerading as humor.

The series is about a young man who finds himself suddenly moved to the upper executive echelons of a failing airline. He lives with a group of attractive like-aged folks – his brother, a serious-minded redheaded lady, and a more bleach-brained blonde (who actually goes beyond the material in delivery in some ways).

Beyond her, there is one good thing about the show, one thing I found worth revisiting and researching: the theme song. It’s “Hockey Monkey” by The Zambonis – and it’s worth checking out the free MP3 of it and a video for it at their website.

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