Free Ride

Yes, I’m playing catchup tonight.

I’ve only caught the second episode of the three Free Ride installments that have run on Fox. As best as I could follow it, this is about a young man who moves back in with his parents, only to find that they, and his friends, and all folks around, are nuttier than he is. Is this an attempt to build a disfunctional family one-camera sitcom to fill the Arrested Development whole but with a hook for younger viewers? Oddly, it feels like it is, but if so, well, it doesn’t fill the hole for me. Played broadly, but not funny.

Yeah, yeah, I’m doing shallow capsule reviews. Sorry.

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  1. The single-camera dysfunctional family seems like the typical Fox comedy, though not always the most successful. Malcolm in the Middle seems to be the start of all that, but I also recall that short lived Mike White comedy (Living Large?). I know it felt pretty tired by then, so I’m sure there are several more I’m forgetting.

    If you take out the single-camera format, very few of Fox’s comedies weren’t about dysfunctional families, this is the network that debuted its prime time lineup with “Married… with Children” and “The Tracy Ullman Show” (which did have some dysfunctional relationships as fodder).

  2. Yes, Fox has built itself to a good degree on the disfunctional family. However, the wannabe-AD vibe is more than just disfunctional one-camera, it’s also that there is a central character who seems healthy only in relation to the rest of the cast. While this is not unique among the Fox sitcoms (Malcolm qualifies) it is not true of most of ’em (Married With, War At Home, and so forth.)

    But that’s just my way of looking at it.

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