Modern mistakes

I stumbled across the premiere of The WB’s Modern Men without being aware it existed… which is a good way to go into a review. I’ve not seen others opinions, I’ve not seen the promo material designed to explain the series to me.

What it proves to be is about a group of male friends who talk in exactly the way male friends don’t, who rely on each other in exactly the way men don’t. When one gets a life coach, they all sign up for joint sessions in exactly the way modern men wouldn’t.

If you’re getting the sense that I don’t respect this series, you’re right. But I could conquer that lack of respect if I was entertained by it. Despite the presence of TV veterans Jane Seymour as the life coach and George Wendt as the dad of the central figure, there’s nothing here for me. And I doubt this will graduate to The CW.

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  1. and it’s a total waste of the actor who I enjoyed as Deputy Leo on Veronica Mars. I think he was written off that show to enable him to appear in this mediocrity.

  2. Yeah, and he’s not even good here. Merely smarmy, and not even the fun kind of smarmy.

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