Evidence to the contrary

Finally, the mainstream media has chosen to address our nation’s shortage of police procedurals! Yes, there was some risk of seeing light seeping through between the CSIs and Laws & Orderses, so now we have – The Evidence. Two cops, one black, one white (and they let us know that in the opening dialog, in case we missed the fact by looking at them) solve crimes by digging up and considering… The Evidence.

The promotions for this made it sound like a fair-play whodunnit series, where you get all the clues and then can work out who did it before the solution is reached. That’s not really the case… alas, because then it would have given this show a reason for existence. But the show has too much mock realism for the sort of silly fun that a good fair play series has. Yes, this is a sober show. One of the cops is driven because someone killed his wife years ago and he still has not solved the case. This wasn’t even an original gambit when Monk used it as its driving force.

One of the cops is Orlando Jones, who I got to recognize when he was annoying on 7 UP commercials, and he hasn’t really impressed me since. There is one impressive guy on the cast, Martin Landau, playing the forensics expert… but while he brings gravitas, it doesn’t add up to much. The situations are, well, silly, manufactured interest. The number that the dying woman dials on her cell phone to leave a clue just happens to be the number people ring when they want their orgy video taped. Why, how conveniently salacious!

At this point, a procedural better have something magic to get me to watch. This ain’t it.

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