Nepture Dreams

I had a Veronica Mars dream last night. No, it was not the sort of thing that you might expect, with Veronica and Logan’s sister battling for the affections of a middle-aged comics publisher/writer. Instead, this was a dream very much linked to current show continuity; I was dreaming about the real estate dealings of Kendall and Beaver, their plans, their presentation to investors.

The thing that stinks about having dreams like these is that over the next few weeks, while watching VM, I’m sure I will suddenly think of some relevant detail, and it will take me a while to figure out whether that German real estate theoretician that K&B consulted was something “real”, or if he existed only in my dream.

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  1. Living With Fran comment follows, nothing whatsoever to do with Veronica Mars

    (Although it maybe kinda loosely ties in with your dreaming concept?… Naah.)

    LWF finished its second season last night (I won’t be surprised if it’s the last season due to the coming WB/UPN to CW merger) and there was one good exchange/reference.

    The episode was part 2 and part 1 was the first LWF episode that I absolutely did NOT like. There were two dream sequences in part 1, the first of which was just over-the-top bad and then the second was over-the-top bad AND in very poor taste IMO. (I thought maybe the show was already jumping the proverbial shark right before my eyes.)

    However, last night’s part 2 episode was MUCH better and there was one particularly good referential exchange (SPOILERS FOLLOW IF ANYONE CARES) …

    Fran had broken up with Riley in part 1 as a pre-emptive measure when a sudden medical crisis made her realize that the age difference was going to become more of a factor as their relationship continued. In last night’s part 2 a friend of Riley’s came to the door and in conversation he mentioned that Riley was a “basket case” because he had watched an episode of The Nanny and the “woman in that” reminded him of Fran. Fran had some sort of a “yeah, I can see that” look or response and then said disbelievingly, “But that VOICE…!!!”

    Cute exchange. Or at least I thought so.

    Sorry for the off-topic post, but I liked the bit well enough that I felt like posting it and there wasn’t anyplace else I could reasonably put it, so I just tossed it under the latest entry. I’m probably the only one who watched the show anyway, though.

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