The Cult of Veronica

Tonight’s Veronica Mars had a lot for the hardcore fans, both touches with Veronica past and signs of Veronica future. Plus a lot of good lines.

But it also had another example of the interesting strategy the VM folks are using, the activing courting of the audience of other cult-following shows. It makes sense; Veronica is very cult-compatible. (I introduced the series to one 13 year old lass, who now has all of her young friends watching the episodes repeatedly, quoting lines, gaining fascination with the characters and the bad boys.)

In the past, they’ve gone beyond casting actors from cult shows (most blatantly Buffy, including a scene which was blatantly manufactured merely to bring two Buffy stars together again on screen) to casting cult creators. Both Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly) and Kevin Smith (the man behind the Clerks universe of movies) have appeared. This time, they tried to reel in the Arrested Development crowd, bringing on the actors who played George Michael and Maebe. And the good thing is, there is nothing miscast about these players. She got to do more dramatic work than AD allowed, while he effectively brought the same sort of delivery that made George Michael the heartbreaking character that he was.

The mystery aspect didn’t add up to much, but I don’t mind, because the rest of it was mmmmm yeah!

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  1. Yeah, as for the mystery — did I miss something? Because having it wind up completely unsolved, with two rape victims and no guilty party? That’s more than a little unsatisfying.

  2. While Veronica did the job she set out to do in terms of getting someone off the hook, I would not assume that the end of the episode was the end of the story. The question is, will they tie it up next episode… or is it something to revisit next season, when Veronica will presumably be attending this conveniently-close-to-the-cast-of-characters school? (And if either answer means more Michael Cera – that’s George Michael to us Arrested Development fans – then I’m all for it!)

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