The iChair

Now this is a press release worth noting.

(CUPERTINO, CA) Apple Computing Inc., the world leader in innovative personal computing and entertainment solutions, announced an unexpected branching into a new realm today. At a press conference at the Apple campus, company co-founder Steve Jobs stated that
“Apple has been looking for more ways of serving the public, bringing our unique creative viewpoint and our ease-of-use focus to bear on some of the difficulties people face. To that end, we are proud to announce our entry into the personal mobility market. To cut to the chase, we’re making wheelchairs. But not just any wheelchairs. We’re using appropriate technology to make the wheelchair easier to handle and more useful than ever to those who rely on them. The iChair will change the very way that wheelchairs are perceived.”

The company unveiled two versions of their iChair product, both decked out in the smooth white plastic and central Apple logo design used on the company’s popular iBook and iPod consumer electronic products. The material is chosen to keep the chairs both strong and light, protecting both the occupant and the chair’s electrical drive system from whatever may come along.

The true innovation is in the control system. The high end model, the iChair Max, has an unprecedented voice control system. “It’s not just a matter of ‘left, right, forward, backward’,”explains Jobs. “You can very easily train locations into the Max, so that you simply say ‘kitchen’ and the chair will navigate its way into the kitchen. The small sonar sensors on the front will make sure that it zooms around the family cat instead of over the cat. The GPS features allow for it to handle larger distances, such as when you give order it to take you to the bus stop, the supermarket, or the corner tavern.”

The economy model, the iChair Shuffle, moves about randomly.

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  1. Hmmm, if it hadn’t been for that last line (and the date)… 🙂

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