The thing I really wish I'd posted on Saturday


As part of a new electricity conservation drive, President Bush today signed into law the Nightlight Savings Time initiative. “Just as Daylight Savings Time is designed to stop wasting the daylight during hours when its not useful, so is Nightlight Savings Time meant to save electricity at times when the nightlights are not used. Our studies found that while people leave their nightlights plugged in and on all through the night, it is very rare for anyone to be up and stirring, and thus needing a nighlight, between the hours of 2 and 3 AM.

“As such, starting tonight and going every night through fall, every American will have to get up at 2 AM and unplug their nightlight. Then at 3 AM, they get up again and plug them back in.”

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  1. Having to get up at 2 AM to turn off my nightlight reminds me of why I hate the NJ law passed a few years ago whereby if you’re driving and it starts raining so that you turn your windshield wipers on you also have to turn on your headlights. Seems like a good idea for safety, I know, but the problem comes with a light drizzle because then I use the intermittent wiper setting and I have to keep one hand on the headlights switch so I can turn’em on, off, on, off, on , off… 🙂

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