Andre Braugher is a great actor. He does smart well. He does focused well. He does clever well.

Since his award-winning run on Homicide, I’ve seen him repeatedly in projects that are earnest, but never clever, and that is a shame. We get one of them again in Thief, his new series on FX. Andre leads a team of high-end thieves. This isn’t one of those unnatural heist shows; his thievery is fairly straight-forward. But living in New Orleans, which last year switched from having culturally-interesting decay to having devestation, and working on the wrong side of the moral life, bad things are happening around him and to him.

The show is shot dark and grungy, and it feels dark and grungy. There is no hope. If he manages to pull through his immediate problems, then he is still a thief. And there is no fun, because this is not the loony fun usual Hollwood version of the leading man thief. No hope and no fun make this a hard show to watch.

Andre plays the part well, and for you (well, us) Arrested Development fans, we get to see Mae Whitman, who played George Michael’s girlfriend Ann. But those looking for entertaiment aren’t likely to find it here.

Between this and the short-lived Iraq-based Over There, FX may well be diving into physical areas of drama before the viewers are ready for them.

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  1. is it coming back for another season i just love this show

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