Bedford Diaries

The Bedford Diaries comes from some folks with great TV drama creds. And it has a great setting for a drama, a university. And it has an aggressive premise…

No, scratch that, it has a formula.

The premise is that there’s this sex-themed seminar where the students have all pledged confidentiality, and thus can chat about their real sex lives. So it’s got that high tawdry content, ‘cuz the kids like the sex. And the students keep video diaries, like the guys on The Real World, ‘cuz the kids like The Real World. And each week, the class has a theme, and surprise surprise, the episode is built around that theme, ‘cuz the kids don’t like subtlety. This is meant to be a teen show, but it reeks of desperate earnestness.

If there was a moment that made me suspect I would not enjoy the one episode I’ve caught of this show, it was the moment Milo Ventimiglia appeared on screen. Milo is the guy you may better know (and perhaps loathe) as aggrevating Jesse on The Gilmore Girls, who was never convincing in having the sweet young lead fall for him. And he was basically the same bad boy with a different name on American Dreams. Now I can’t see him without falling into a default irritation, and there’s nothing in his abrasive school newspaper editor character that makes me like him any more. I dunno, maybe the teen girls swoon for him. But I am neither teen nor a girl, and swoon I do not.

This one is not for me, and with its awkward mix, I suspect it’s not much for anybody.

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