But which is the real reality?

I was watching last week’s Boston Legal off of my ReplayTV. Some good guest stars on the episode – more of Tom Selleck (okay, not a storyline I’m loving), the guy who played Aristotle on Brisco County returning for his insane lawyer role, Howard Hesseman being largely a wasted resource playing a judge, and Adam Arkin in his recurring role as a prosecutor.

But then, in the midst of the episode, there was Arkin again, looking very much the same, but now he was a Congressman. Sure, it was an ad (for Commander-in-Chief), but in some odd way it messed with my suspension of disbelief. Little brain go fzztzz.

Just to make matters worse, the coming-next-week tag showed Peter MacNicol on what is now last night’s episode (which I’ve not yet missed.) But Peter MacNicol didn’t appear to be playing The Biscuit, which again messes with the “reality”, because the Biscuit does exist in the Boston Legal universe (as Legal was a spin-off/rework of The Practice, which crossed over with Ally McBeal repeatedly.)

It’s like I don’t know what is real any more!

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