Getting older

Today is my birthday. It’s not one of the big round-numbered ones (in fact, it’s a prime number), but the passage of time still weights heavily. Generally, I find birthdays and new years as time to measure how I’ve move forward in the previous year, and how I expect to move forward in the next. Alas, the past year has not been one of forward motion, and the next year looks like more of the same. So this birthday is a tough one.

But my wife is acting as Allison wrangler today, and I’m getting some work done. It’s not writing, alas, but handling production work on the Comics Jam War anthology and the third issue of Licensable Bearâ„¢.

And we started off this day trying that most intriguing combination of words, “breakfast pizza”. Came out pretty good. But seeing the lack of any other customers at the purveying establishment during the forty-some minutes we were there, it does not appear that this particular treat has gained cultural momentum.

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  1. Happy birthday, Nat!

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