Veronica predictions

Okay, I’ll put myself even more on the line. Here are my predictions for the second season finale of Veronica Mars. (There are spoilers here for people who have not watched earlier episodes of the show, but I have no actual inside knowledge of the finale and thus this is all speculative.)

  • As noted earlier, I feel the mastermind behind the bus destruction is Cassidy “Beaver” Casablancas. (I have since learned, from someone who follows the online VM chit-chat, that he’s actually a popular suspect.)
  • No, Beaver is not the one who was at risk of being outed (few would be shocked at his outing). That was either the mayor or, as certain friends of mine believe, Dick.
  • Beaver has chlamydia. Unless I’m misremembering (I’ve not reviewed any older episodes recently) Veronica’s understanding that she was not really raped at the party, that her only sexual activity there came in the mutually-drugged stumblings of herself and Duncan, came from Beaver. Our image of Beaver as an innocent-hearted individual is a manufactured one. (And let us remember that it was at Beaver’s behest that Veronica started the investigation that lead to Dick Sr.’s rapid exit.) This isn’t to say that he isn’t cautious and compassionate; he has not been having sex with Mac out of concern of infecting her.
  • One of the show’s killers, either Aaron or Beaver, will end up murdered before the end of the episode.
  • If it’s Beaver, it will be because Veronica has already seen that the system doesn’t work, that Aaron got away with his crime. She will not have a particular compulsion to turn this new perpetrator into the cops, and while she might not encourage it, she would not stand in the way of someone taking justice into his own hands. And let us remember, she has friends willing to drop stadiums on people.
  • If it’s Aaron, we will not see who the killer is. The murder will happen toward the end of the episode, leaving a mystery to chew on over the summer (this year’s more violent equivalent to “who was at the door?”)
  • There is a good chance that Keith will end up injured, giving Veronica the need to stay close to home rather than heading away to college. (Of course she’s going to that nearby school – they never did establish who was cutting off the girls’ hair, remember?)
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    1. Veronica will have to attend the nearby college anyway, since she skipped out on her final exam to go to the courthouse.

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