Oh, you scummy network programming SOBs

Tuesday night at 9 PM is bad enough. Tonight, we’ve got Scrubs on NBC, we’ve got House on Fox, and most vitally, we’ve got the season finale of Veronica Mars on UPN. But just to make certain that my plans to watch and tape everything get utterly snafued… tonight’s episode of Gilmore Girls on UPN runs two minutes past the hour mark.


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  1. I actually have some leeway here in DC since the UPN affiliate repeats Veronica Mars every Saturday at 6PM. I have to wait until then and avoid spoilers everywhere (including here), but it does allow me to TIVO Scrubs, record House on my VCR and watch that extended Gilmore Girls finale. This is actually not as bad as Thursdays at 9 where I choose among My Name is Earl/The Office, The OC, CSI and Supernatural (Sorry, Eve and Cuts). I can’t wait for summer.

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