The Veronica season closer

Another well-made season closer. Not quite as good as last years, mind you (but so few things are!), but still a good journey through the episode. It was good to see that in the midst of what by nature had to be a plot-heavy beast, they were still willing to take the time to focus on character, to do the whole dream sequence.

I’m not personally thrilled with the romance status at the end, but I know some people who will be happy.

And if you look two posts back and see my predictions… well, not 100%, but I’ll settle for that accuracy.

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  1. You were so right on so many counts!

    I enjoyed it okay, but I’m sad Aaron’s all dead and stuff. I like that Duncan ordered the hit on him from a beach. (I still don’t think the baby’s his, btw.) I hope Dead Lilly shows up more in the third season; she might be my favorite character.

    The last scene with Kendall opening the briefcase reminded me of an episode of All-American Girl when Quentin Tarantino opened a briefcase that glowed ala Pulp Fiction and then said, oh, this? this is a book light! and then turned around the briefcase to reveal a little book light.

  2. Well, don’t mourn too much for Aaron. We’ll probably see him again. We’ve spent a fair while watching dead people in dreams and flashbacks on this show.

    But I am thinking there’s something interesting in Keith working for someone who got Aaron Echolls off (in more ways than one.)

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