HUD head huh?

Crooks bother me. Incompetency bothers me. Incompetent crooks, well, they generally amuse me, except when they’re in position to do real damage. The head of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is an example. This idiot told a story during a talk, telling folks how he turned down a contract to some qualified bidder because the bidder said that he wasn’t a fan of the president. Am I surprised that a Bush appointee might use government office to punish those who aren’t his fans? Heck no.

But then, having had people actually notice that he said this during a public speech, he stepped away from this statement. Claims it wasn’t true. This means that this doofus was:

  1. Lying, and
  2. Trying to convince people that supporting the president’s opposition in a campaign would be punished financially.  (And his definition of “the president” is likely broad, since one cannot actually support any candidate against the president in an upcoming election; barring a change to the Constitution, this president cannot be reelected to the office.)

By the way, if you stop by the HUD website and go to the news section, you will find a page of photos of this bozo, all of which are in the public domain. So if you want to add goofy word balloons and captions to them, you won’t have to pay any licensing fee.

Me, I’m feeling to pissed at the whole system to do it myself.

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