Veronica on the roof

SPOILER WARNING: Veronica Mars season closer.

I was discussing (via email with Lori) the rooftop scene in this week’s VM, and how that whole scene read to me like network interference.

“…and Veronica grabs the gun and shoots Beaver.”
“You can’t have your teenage girl lead shoot somebody!”
“But he killed all those people! And she just saw the justice system fail! And plus he’s threatening her, he still has the taser, so killing him is legitimate self-defense.”
“Killing him?!? That’s even worse. No, you cannot have the title character, a role model for young women, turn murderous vigilante.”
“Oh, okay. Her boyfriend says ‘give me the gun, give me the gun’, and she gives it to him.”
“That’s better.”
“Then he shoots Beaver.”
“Noooo! He’s the love interest. You can’t have him turned into a killer.”
“But he already killed someone.”
“Felix? No, that was a frame.”
“No, Thumper. He set off the explosion that killed Thumper.”
“But not with the intent of killing Thumper. So no, he can’t kill Beaver.”
“Well, the only one left on the roof to kill Beaver is Beaver!”
“Well, yeah.”
“No, you can’t have a teen committing suicide. Might give kids the wrong idea.”
“The idea that once you’ve killed a busload of people, and a planeload of people, and Curly was a motorcycleload of people (I suppose), you might as well stop yourself rather than killing anyone else?”
“Oh okay.”
“We can have him kill himself?”
“Only it has to be off in the background, so we can’t really see it happening.”
:”grrrr. Arrgh.”

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