Freddie's Dead

In addition to the announcements of new shows for next season, news of various show cancellations is also coming out. Most of these are for things that were clearly already dead, or things that I didn’t really care about. But Freddie? They’ve cancelled Freddie?

I know it wasn’t a critical darling, and it didn’t advance the state of the sitcom art at all. So it always surprised me to have discovered that it was actually funny. That’s all the reason it needed for me. It surprised me with smiles. (Particular points go to the mother character, who got her laughs while speaking in subtitled Spanish.)
A couple years ago, this show probably would’ve survived, just changed networks. The WB and UPN showed a willingness to pick up shows that had aired on a bigger network and had featured some ethnic group that might not drive a big enough audience for the big guys, but could be key in building the audience for the smaller nets. But the the WB and UPN merging, they’re too busy saving their own shows.

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  1. NBC’s fall schedule is posted online.

    Surface and Joey are officially cancelled, but is anyone really surprised by that? There may be other cancellations of note (I don’t count the ending of long-running series as “cancellations” per se), but those are the two that jumped out at me personally even though I recognize that neither one was particularly good in any way (though I think with more attention to detail, Surface had potential).

    Of the new shows, 20 Good Years (Wed at 9, half hour) with John Lithgow (whom I generally don’t care about) and Jeffrey Tambor (whom I generally do care about even though I never got hooked by Arrested Development) looks to be the most promising in my opinion. Apparently Lithgow strives for a gusto-filled retirement and drags along the reluctant Tambor as his “odd couple” friend.

    There’s also Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (Thu at 9, one hour) from Aaron Sorkin and it sounds as if it’s sort of in the Sports Night show-within-a-show format starring Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet, Bradley Whitford and D.L. Hughley, plus Timothy Busfield and Steven Webber. But for some reason Sorkin’s shows have never grabbed me for whatever reason, so while I’m sure many others will look forward to this one, I’ll likely pass.

    Heroes (Mon at 9, one hour) is an ensemble SF/fantasy show about folks who develop superpowers following a solar eclipse. Sounds like the X-Men with maybe a dash of The Greatest American Hero. Could be silly, or good be pretty good if done right. It falls within my SF/fantasy genre show niche so I’ll probably check it out.

    ABC is announcing their fall schedule sometime today and it doesn’t appear to be posted online yet.

    However, SciFiWire is reporting that they have indeed cancelled Invasion (it’s also been rumored that the new CW may pick it up in that case) and that Lost may air in a two hour block of original episodes in the fall and spring with a mid-season hiatus for the network to try out other stuff. That would eliminate reruns and I’m hoping it also eliminates those annoying pseudo-rerun recap clip shows which I don’t bother watching.

    And checking SciFiWire again just now I see another item that says ABC is picking up Six Degrees, a show from the creators of Lost which sounds suspiciously like Lost set in NYC—only without the actual, you know, being lost part, just dealing with how 6 peoples’ lives affect each other initially unbeknownst to to them, but gradually drawing them closer.

    I’m wondering if the new CW will have an official fall schedule announcement (this week or anytime soon) or if it’s still too early for them due to the general state of flux with the merger. I’m also wondering (only as of this precise moment for the first time) if the new network has an officialy website yet. I’ll have to get Googling to see… Nope, I don’t see anything obvious.

  2. According to this Houston Chronicle/LA Times item, CW set to answer its fans, the CW will be annoucing their schedule thursday.

    “The CW has just 13.5 hours of programming, and network sources confirm six shows covering 6.5 hours are definitely on the schedule: America’s Next Top Model, Beauty and the Geek, Everybody Hates Chris, Gilmore Girls, Smallville and WWE: Smackdown! But the network also has seven pilots to choose from, and Ostroff says she is likely to air ‘a few’ of them.”

    Apparently Veronica Mars is still possible (I might even say likely) although it’s not listed among the definites. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re holding back confirmation of VM so as to focus on it as one of their biggies in sort of an unveiling highlight—unless I’m over-valuing it.

  3. ABC’s fall schedule is posted.

    Apparently Lost is NOT going to air in a two hour block format. Oh well.

    Ted Danson is back on TV starring in Help Me Help You as a “Dr. Phil” type of guy. Other than that, not too much leaps out at me as notable at first glance. If you click a box for a new show you get to a summary page where other new shows are listed, some of which must be mid-season plug-ins since they’re not actually on the official schedule.

  4. Just when you thought you had your Fall TV viewing planned…

    NBC Rips Up Fall Schedule
    ‘Studio 60’ moves to Mondays, changes on every weeknight

    To recap, the official network Fall lineups can be found at these links for ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC.

    At Zap2it, you’ll find the CW Fall schedule and the FOX January 2007 schedule.

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