(wrote this about a week ago, but forgot to post it.)

Last week’s announcement of a new behind-the-scenes-of-a-comedy-show sitcom featuring the creative talents of Tina Fey carried the implied bad news – Tina is leaving Saturday Night Live. Now, this isn’t just the loss of the sex symbol for those who find brains sexy. It’s easy to forget that she’s been the head writer of the show longer than she’s been a cast member. There’s been good stuff and other stuff along the way , but it’s hard to know what effect her absence will have on the tone of the show. (She can be credited with some of the best stuff – the Jimmy Fallon/Rachel Dratch Boston teen sketches… you know, “Zazu!”.)
Rachel Dratch is also slated for the new show, so I guess they’ll be dipping into the talent pool for more females for the show, and second-stringer Kristen Wiig does seem to hold up her end. … although she’s not as obvious for adding to the main line-up as Andy Samberg. I’d be shocked if Lorne Michaels wasn’t quite happy with that scientific cross-breeding of Adam Sandler and Jimmy Fallon.
Ahhh, the episode just ended, and gathered together for the closing were Tina, Rachel… and Amy Poehler. Is she leaving too?

You know, there are few jobs in entertainment where you can say that going on to be creator and star of a sitcom is a way of spending more time at home with your family… but being head writer and cast member of SNL has to qualify. Good luck, Elizabeth Stamatina Fey!

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