TNT launched their new series paramedic series Saved with a commercial-free pilot, they did it in an odd way. They didn’t run an hour show, they didn’t run a bunch of ads before and after the show, they ran it for the 40-some minutes that really make up an episode, and then they started the next show (an episode of The Closer)… about a dozen minutes earlier than it was scheduled for. I’m glad I wasn’t trying to watch that series!

There’s a couple good acting names on Saved. Tom Everett Scott, who was last heard from being dropped from the series Stacked before it ever aired, plays a parademic with dark father issues and a gambling streak. In what looks like a minor roll in terms of screen time, the delightful David Clennon (Miles Dentrell of thirtysomething and Once and Again is the important credit to recognize him from here, although he has also done well with less buttn-down characters as well) plays the brilliant doctor dad disappointed in his son.

There is money poured somewhere into this show, if only blatant from the soundtrack – there’s some big name classic rock in here, stuff that doesn’t come cheap, and some if it is integrated to a degree that it can’t be easily replaced in reruns. I’m not sure that much is gained from this.

The show is dark, but the good news is that it’s not relentlessly dark. There can be some moments of light, some moments of positivity. This puts it in contrast to Rescue Me, where you can generally tell what is going to happen simply by thinking “what’s the bad thing that could happen here?”

It’s too early to judge the plot; episode one is set-up, let’s see where they go with it. But the dialogue, well it could use some work. It’s never quite natural. When they’re trying to convey information, it’s too on-the-mark. When they’re trying to avoid giving certain information yet, it’s clearly effortful dancing, people speaking as if they’re pointlessly trying to avoid something they both know, rather than simply not happening to mention what they both know.

Not a must-see, but given the slow summer TV months, I’ll watch at least one more of these.

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