Bad reunion movie idea

It’s 5:30 AM, but I’m awake, and I feel the need to chronicle this fact: Richard Greico showed up in my dreams last night.

This is not a usual occurence. I cannot say that I give the lead of TV’s short-lived Booker a passing thought more than twice a year. But last night, I was dreaming about things going on in a high school, and it became obvious that I was dreaming not of real high school but of a Fox prime time high school soap opera, and that the sullen junior was played by Richard Greico, and that he had been playing that role for six years, which is why the show no longer felt fresh.

Of course, Greico is not in reality on a high school soap opera. He’s slid from potential leading man to simply a working actor, doing films that sound designed for some 3 AM slot on Showtime. (Before you think that’s a harsh condemnation, it’s far more than most working actors achieve.)

But it did set me thinking – isn’t it time for a reunion movie that brings the 21 Jump Street gang back together for one last case? Don’t we want to see Greico, Johnny Depp, Peter Deluise, Holly Robinson Peete, and Dustin Nguyen trying to pass for teenagers to go undercover in a high school yet again? The time will never be better than now!

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  1. Richard looks aweful! What happemed to him? Looks like he has been on a serious diet , drugs, or is sick. Too bad he’s hot. What up with his hair too? It’s straight and long, to his shoulders, any pics with out the base ball hat?
    Do you have any recent 2006 photos?

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