Outta debt

I just wrote the check for our last payment on the car. It is ours!

This may seem a minor thing to you, but it’s a rare thing for us. Beither of us is much one for going into debt. Neither of us have ever owned our house, so no mortgage. This car was a repacement for Lara’s first car, which was a gift. I’ve only owned used cars and always paid cash. I paid off my student loan more than a decade back, Lara never had one. We pay off our credit card bill every month. I bought a computer on a one-year payment plan about eight years back, but other than that… well, neither of us is used to paying things off.

(We would normally have bought this car – a then-one-year-used ex-rent-a-car Saturn – for cash, but at the time we were hoping to purchase a house, and for that a bit more cash on hand and more of a track record of making payments would both be of use.)

The car is ours… and at least for now, that’s about $250 less coming out of the bank account each month. Yay!

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