Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway (known locally as “the PCH”) has been showing up a lot lately in the news, primarily in relation to Mel Gibson. I do want to make something clear: the important part of the name of this road is not “highway”, which will suggest to many people a long straight stretch of road. No, the operative term is “coast”; this follows the Pacific coast pretty closely, and thus is an often-narrow-laned road of frequent turns. I’m not saying that there are roads that you should be driving along inebriated at 80 MPH, but if there were to be some, this would certainly not be on the list.

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  1. How does “Ventura Highway” fit in the picture?—you know, the one with “alligator lizards in the air.” I assume it’s a different road from the PCH, but they did use the song in a 1st season ep of Veronica Mars and VM also frequently refers to PCH-ers so I’m a little confused. Guess that’s what happens when you get your geography lessons from TV shows.

  2. The Ventura Highway is actually the Ventura Freeway… which is the road I spend most of my driving time on, as it passes a block from my house. It’s three to four lanes for most of its run, going from Pasadena (where it’s State Route 134) to Ventura (by which time it has transitioned to Interstate 101). That’s basically a westward run, although both routes are technically north/south freeways, leading to a variety fo confusing road signs. I’d have to check the map, but it should start basically paralleling PCH as it swings into Ventura.

    As for the alligator lizards, I haven’t seen them in the air lately. Perhaps they only bring them out whenever America is playing The Canyon Club, which is along the Ventura Freeway about 10-15 minutes east of here; they seem to be booked there about twice a year.

    Anyway, Neptune is south of the Ventura Freeway. While off the top of my head I can’t think of any proof thatit isn’t a stand-in for Malibu (which isn’t that far south of it), I always got the sense that Neptune was farther south, south of L.A. proper. Whether it’s merely just down in Orange County or down near San Diego (where they shoot the series) is another question.

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