I’ve just worked my way through the first six episodes of Weeds, the Showtime series about a suburban momwho deals pot. At its heart, it’s seems intended to be about the need for individuality within the deadening conformity of suburbia… which is a tired route, and it’s not impressively one. The casting, particularly of women, is quite respectable, the production is smooth, there’s nice touches and nice lines, but at the core it seems to come from people who haven’t really been where they’re writing about. It’s unconvincing about its understanding of the suburbs, of pot dealing, of the details in life (I just watched a scene where they were exchanging batteries between three devices which would actually each take a different size of battery), and most importantly, of human beings. It’s watchable, it’s not horrible, but it’s not impressive.

Oh, I should be writing more in depth, but other than saying “I always like watching Mary Louise Parker, but I won’t be netflixing disk 2 any time soon,” I don’t feel like doing so.

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