Two moons too few!

It’s a mistake to try to review something before you actually see it. So that little thought in the back of my head that my review for the new ABC Family light hour-long Three Moons Over Milford should refer to it as being for 14-year-old girls? That I’ll just have to set aside.

Besides, this show isn’t for 14-year-old girls. It may be targeted at them and their moms, (a young teen girl, a hunky teen boy, and a struggling effectively-single mom being the key characters), but there’s no meat given to the girl, no investment from her point of view. Instead, it focuses on the mom, who is struggling to deal with her family in a world that is in the closing days.

The moon has been broken into three by an asteroid and is due to fall to earth, although no one is certain when… just that when it does, humanity shan’t survive. Ths, freed from their burden of a future, people feel freer to be vaguely goofy. It’s not anarchy, it’s not goofy in interesting ways, it’s just people either chasing their dreams or no longer feeling constrained not to be quirky. And if they aren’t made interesting by it, they also aren’t made lovable. This seems like a show meant to be fluffed up by the charmingly goofy residents of the town, a la Northern Exposure, Ed, or Gilmore Girls. But that doesn’t happen. And the mom, whom we’re supposed to identify with (I presume) is yes, beset by an abandoning husband and problematic kids, but her problems don’t make her likable (nor does some of her business dealings; without going into details, she is trying to hide relevant information from the stockholders of a business she is a major owner of, with the help of folks at the company. Them’s federal crimes, folks!)

Not smoothly of. The coming attractions show a couple of interesting guest stars over the course of the coming season (Ed Begley Jr., Richard Kind), but those won’t draw me back to this. Not recommended to you no matter how old a girl you are.

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