Was there no sex before music?

One of the advantages of being lazy is that sometimes, before you get around to doing something you meant to do, someone else ahs done it for you. Such is the case with this post trashing the recent coverage of the “listening to sexy music leads teen to having sex” report. What the study found was that teens who listened to sex-themed music as younger teens were more likely to be having sex in their teens. What the study claimed and the media were eager to report was that listening to sexy music caused the teens to have sex.
But stop a moment and think: what if there were no causation? What would we expect then? Are some folks apt to be more interested in sex than others? Yup. Are those folks both likely to be having sex earlier and more interested in sexual-themed entertainment? Yup.
But assuming causation does serve the political goals of many.
(Link via Lyle, who is right — one of these days he really does have to blog about Licensable BearTM.)

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